Equipment for cheese and machines for knitted mozzarella

Eng-project was created in 2008 by me Ivan Dimov. The goal was to create a team for services in the field of reverse engineering. This means creating a new product from an idea or sample, photo or film to its production. The company produces machines for production of cheese, knitted mozzarella and their dosing.

Абкант услуги и водно-абразивно рязане


While the eng-project site is only a site, brand, advertising brand, the company “ PANDUR“ SLTD is the practical / production / and legal realization of the idea. While the site speaks for itself, the company has a different story. The name comes from the 18th century “ Pandurin“ / Chetnik /. Later there is a romanian village named Pandurin and after that in 1941 a wheel-iron workshop. Because there is an element of heritage and continuity, production was born by itself. Thus we came to more new ideas and realizations. As we are already familiar with the global requirements and claims of the market, new challenges were born. The basis was, milk processing machines, with a universal character. In order to minimize investment, flexible modules, reliable, effective and efficient result. We encountered new worlds, traditions, religions, technologies and species. Some incomprehensible to our market. We successfully respond to all variants and constructions.

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